Monday, November 29, 2010

Vendor of the Week: RK Originals

Sparkle & Shine: RK Originals are made of gems and Swarovski crystals
Each piece is one-of-a-kind and unique displaying a mastery of beadwork techniques.
 There's a lot of sparkle in Richard Wilson. Tall, handsome and friendly, the first thing you notice about this talented jewelry maker isn't his bright bleached-blond hair but his equally blinding smile. He loves to work with his hands, so when you run into him, you'll probably find him crocheting, knitting or beading. And like Richie's smile, the first thing you'll notice about his exquisite jewelry is its intense sparkle and shine. 
 Beading with gems and Swarovski crystals is a signature of RK Originals
RK also dazzles us with his knitting skills, shown here knitting a blanket for his nephew.
 There's a reason for that. Most of RK Originals (that's the name of his company) are made with gem stones and Swarovski crystals. There's a fineness to his pieces that draw up the desires to dress up in satin & velvet, and go out on the town. He uses a variety of beading techniques, and takes great pride in the quality of his work. With over 25 years experience under his belt, Richard finds it easy to make one-of a-kind jewelry pieces and eagerly welcomes custom orders!

A Washington native, Richard Kevin Wilson grew up in Tacoma, Washington where he first learned jewelry making and other crafts from the mother of a childhood friend when he was only 8 years old. He sold his first pice as a young man to a vendor at the venerable Pike's Place Market in Seattle who advised him to start his own business, which he promptly did.
RK Originals includes a line a hand-crocheted cloche hats. Cute!   
Along with creating a sparkling array of unique jewelry, Richie, as he prefers to be called, also knits and crochets. Among his favorite creations are his collection of hand-crocheted cloche hats.  

When he's not busy knitting or beading, Richie can often be found spending time with his partner, the equally dazzling Bruce Lee. They often work the booth together at the Midtown Bazaar, and both are mercurial quick to deliver their bright smiles to the many people who stop and admire the art and craft of RK Originals.  Richard says he's at the Bazaar EVERY Saturday, and he insists you "please stop by and say 'hello' or just stop by and talk "BEADS BEADS and More BEADS!"

One of a kind himself, Richard Kevin Wilson is RK Originals
Museum quality beadwork available every Sat. at the Midtown Bazaar.


  1. Richie is an amazing artist and I am fortunate to have many if his original pieces. I can't wait to get hats for our young boys. They will love them. Great article!

  2. Teri: I agree! Richie has such a kindness to him, we can't help but root for his success. Ok, his talent for jewelry creation doesn't hurt things either.

    Anon: You are indeed fortunate! I can hardly wait to own my first RK Original. Thank you so much for sharing and stopping by the blog of Midtown Bazaar.


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