Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Season's Greetings from the Midtown Bazaar

"Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration
is being wreathed in smiles" 
~Author Unknown

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

With Love,
   the Midtown Bazaar 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Vendor of the Week: New/Old Jewelry

"Everything old is new again." Peter Allen
Meet the "Mayor": Steven Michael Millington of New/Old Jewelry
"My company is New Old Jewelry and I’m the man they call Mayor. I have been vending with the Midtown Bazaar since the day it opened in June. Rather then go on about myself, I would like to share some of my experiences with this unique group of artists.  From the day I got involved with Sabrina and her crew, which includes her wonderful mother, Carmen, I knew there was something special happening here. I wanted to be a part of it. "
Steven Michael Millington is someone that would NOT be described as a shy man. Naturally outgoing and gregarious, Steven has been known to go out of his way to introduce himself to everyone in the room. He is probably the first person you'll remember when you visit the Midtown Bazaar, and his jokes & chat are probably the last thing you'll forget. 

Millington put his charisma to good use and quickly added his talents of marketing to the promotion of the Midtown Bazaar. His turn as "Mayor of Midtown," decked out in full regalia, and heading the bi-hourly raffles that run through-out the day add a lot of fun to the weekly event. Ruggedly handsome, reed-thin & tall as a Redwood,  Steven Michael Millington carries a lot charm. This charm is used more on drumming up interest for Bazaar than on promoting his own business. So far, his business, New Old Jewelry by Foster-Millington shows no tear for the wear. "This is a family of artists that use each other as their muses,  and I'm happy to be apart of it." declares Millington.

Examples of NOJ jewelry include a clever re-use of buttons, vintage charms and glass beads.

Since Millington is usually busy being the social butterfly at the Bazaar, he entrusts his long-time friend Marilyn Montague to "man" his booth for him. Steven and Marilyn's friendship goes back over 20 years when they first met on a job site. "I didn't like her when I met her," Millington laughs, "but now I LOVE her!" Marilyn plays straight-man to Millington's humor, and it's her warmth and friendliness that holds down the NOJ fort. The booth is filled with a remarkable collection of jewelry using recycled elements. NOJ uses everything but the kitchen sink: buttons, scrabble tiles, glass beads and upcycled leather belts.

"When I started this about 7 months ago I had no idea what I was getting into," Millington is explaining the origins of NOJ (New/Old Jewelry.) "I've been a crafter as long I can remember: knitting, crocheting, doing needlepoint and building things since I was a child, so this is just another one of the many things I love to build." If you were talking to Millington instead of reading this,  the honeyed lilt of this North Highlands resident becomes evident. This lilt suggests a Southern good ol' boy, but the origins point to Troy, New York. 

This exuberant cocktail of sugar-pie charm and showmanship make for an effective frontsman/mascot for the Midtown Bazaar. However, it's Millington's creative re-use and crafting that makes New Old Jewelry, a resounding success. "I've been blessed with a huge antique button collection and have always wanted to make jewelry as they did in the 20’s and 30’s. After making a piece for a friend, a few people got wind of it and a month later I was out selling at the Midtown Bazaar. I have made and sold over 500 one of a kind original pieces and have another 100 + pieces available for consideration."

"I'm always at the bazaar, and on Second Saturdays, you can find me in full costume, barking people in off the street. It is my pleasure to work with Sabrina and her crew each week. Although  my partner, (Robert Lee Foster) can't always be at the Midtown Bazaar, he's always with me in spirit; he's the driving force in my life." Together, Foster and Millington run their burgeoning jewelry business via the Bazaar every Saturday or online via their Facebook page,

The "Mayor of Midtown" will be at the Midtown Bazaar THIS Saturday, December 18th, for the last Bazaar market of the year. The Midtown Bazaar will be closed Saturday, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day but will open in the new year, Saturday, January 8th, where you'll find the Mayor of Midtown presiding, and the rest of the Midtown Bazaar gang, including many vendors and customers he counts as friends. 
A show of hands: North of Jewelry by North created this custom piece for good friend Steven of NOJ.

Monday, December 13, 2010

More than a market, more than a place

Sweater weather: MORF makes hats, scarfs and more with recycled sweaters
Gram meets Mama Q. We all say hello to Gram's Cookies!
You can find all kinds of goodies at the Midtown Bazaar, and a good time.
Speaking of...Steven Michael Millington spreads good cheer with a raffle ticket.
Kris of Haiku Moving Company sets up shop at the Bazaar.
Local color created by local artist.
Hand-made original papers dolls
A couple of real life dolls
Mama Q having a good time at the Bazaar.
Nora's Time & Again Fashion has a full rack of tempting fun and furs.
The lovely Nora of Transient Treasures and Time & Again Fashions
These my friends, are RK Originals.
This beauty is called "Snow in New York"
Steven and Bruce Lee spread some season cheer in front of Winter Rollerland.
Friends, this coming Saturday is the LAST Saturday of the Bazaar before Christmas. The next Midtown Bazaar takes place in 2011, January 8th. So come on down for one last wonderful day of market and place. The Midtown Bazaar is soooo much more than a marketplace, it is a community. Folks like Steven and Nora and Sabrina and Marilyn and Sharon & North and Richie are quick to make you feel welcome. A variety of folks are selling a myriad of goodies, so you are bound to find the perfect gift for the people on your shopping list. There's hot pizza, hot cocoa, an espresso cart, cookies AND the best cashew and peanut brittle on the planet, courtesy of Steve from Sacramento Sweets.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Handmade Holidays: Shop ETSY this Saturday

Demand for handmade goods has skyrocketed this holiday season. To meet this demand, The Sac Etsy Team is partnering with the Midtown Bazaar and celebrating Handmade Holidays this Second Saturday, December 11th. This will be a one-stop shopping experience for those who want to shop handmade while supporting the local economy. 
Founded by Tana Taylor of Prairie Primitives in 2009, the Sac Etsy team is a network of Sacramento based Etsy shop owners who share a common aim of promoting local artisans. Sac Etsy is a team of 155 members strong and growing daily. Together they provide support and community for the folks who are dedicated in promoting the value hand-made goods. You can get more information about the Sac Etsy team by clicking here

Seasonal Doggy Treats from Nerdy Dog

This Second Saturday, December 11th, from 10 am- 8 pm, the Sac Etsy Team presents "Handmade Holidays," featuring a wide selection of Sac Etsy team members selling their unique hand-made goods at the Bazaar.  When you shop the Bazaar this Saturday, you will find loads of booths to visit, many proud & local Etsy sellers, offering you the perfect unique gift for your Christmas shopping list. 
Knits & Crochets by Dillion's Girl
Re-purposed & Revitalized Vintage
Beaded Ornament by RocksMapsandCrafts
Cool puppy treats from Nerdy Dog

Here's a list of some of the participating Sac Etsy sellers: 


  • Dabchick Vintage
  • Megan Ellis
  • Nerdy Dog
  • Rocks, Maps & Crafts
  • Jenny Trinh
  • Pure Palette
  • Dillion's Girl
  • Miss Teawinkie
  • Revitalized Vintage
  • Shiba Beads
  • Virtue Knits
  • Zuliblu

BUY HANDMADE. This Holiday season, take the pledge to "Buy Handmade." Head on over to and sign up. Then this Saturday, celebrate your pledge by shopping the Handmade Holidays with the SAC Etsy Team at the Midtown Bazaar, and find the perfect hand-made gift for you and your Santa.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vendor of the Week: Jewelry by North

Sharon & North Marques are the creative team of Jewelry by North
"I started making jewelry a little over 4 years ago, after my wife Sharon and I decided to move my mom in with us; she was ailing from cancer," explains North Marques, the jewelry artist behind Jewelry by North on how she started her craft. "It was my mother who introduced me to making earrings, using beads and finds, and I was hooked." After her mother passed away, Marques took a jewelry-making class at Sac City College. The technique was Lost Wax Casting, and she fell in love with the process. North along with her wife and partner, Sharon Marques, set up shop and in the fall of 2009 started selling her silver jewelry at various craft fairs and events around California.

Her creative process is organic, typically starting from a sketch which becomes the design she then proceeds to carve out of wax. The mold created from the wax is then prepared for the sterling silver casting, which she heats with a torch and carefully pours into the mold. Once cooled, Marques then  hand-finishes the piece, creating a unique ring/bracelet/necklace of sterling silver jewelry, reflecting a range of interests including the natural world and global culture.

In September of 2010, North designed a piece of jewelry
in response to the overwhelming number of young people who were turning to suicide due to unchecked bullying, harassment and intolerance directed at them. Wanting to help raise awareness to this issue, Sharon and North made the decision to raise funds for the Trevor Project- a crisis intervention & suicide prevention organization that offers a Lifeline for lesbian, gay, transgendered and questioning youth. They created the "Right to Be Yourself- Don't Give Up-Trevor Project" available as a bracelet or necklace. $5 of each piece sold goes towards the Trevor Project.

Right to Be Yourself-Don't Give Up-Trevor Project can be ordered online at Jewelry By
Jewelry by North is often commissioned for custom work, which Marques loves doing. Her pieces are listed on Etsy and Artfire as well as sold at various marketplaces. One place Sharon and North love to sell is at the Midtown Bazaar where they can be found every Saturday at their booth. You can also find them at the Telegraph Street Holiday Fair in Berkeley, December 12, 19, 23rd and 24th.
Jewelry by North can be found every Saturday at the Midtown Bazaar

To visit Jewelry by North's website, click here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

12 Days of Midtown

Photo and text courtesy of
Find your holiday cheer in Midtown, Sacramento! 
Local merchants and businesses are delivering 12 days of festive fun, December 1-12th. Whether it’s the Midtown Elf Hunt, SN&R’s Karaoke Carol Off, or the Philharmonic’s Winter Wine & Jazz, we have something for everyone to ring in the season with joy. So grab your loved ones and a pair of mittens, and don’t forget to check the events listing for all your Midtown holiday happenings!

For list of events click here

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Family Bazaar

Bella Q: Sacramento blogger, Midtown Bazaar shopper.
Hello. My name is Bella Q. I'm a Sacramento blogger.
When I'm not busy writing for the Midtown Bazaar, or scouting the streets of Sacramento for Street Style SACRAMENTO, I'm probably blogging my earnest heart out over at my personal blog called The Citizen Rosebud. And when I'm not doing those things, if it's on a Saturday, I am probably shopping/talking/snacking my way through the Midtown Bazaar. Yesterday I posted a big rambling blog and included a mention or two about some of the vendors here at the Bazaar; you can read the post by clicking here.

Today I am going to take my mama to the Midtown Bazaar.
Meet Mama Q. Cutest, sweetest, bestest Mama in the world. She likes to shop. (Guess where I got that gene from?) And she wants to start on her Christmas shopping by checking out the Bazaar. 

Mama Q shows her support by sporting her "I heart Citizen Rosebud" T-shirt.
So off to shop we go: 
I am definitely taking her by to New/Old Jewelry, the button jewelry is my favorite!
There's a couple of new vendors that she may have met before: the Laskey sisters. Two great labels, one great family. Kathy & Kris are twin sisters who have been crafting since childhood. They are selling at the Bazaar today under the labels Haiku Moving Company & BUTT UGLY. Very different stuff, but both make amazing things. 
Haiku Moving Company
Mama Q also wants to check out the new Winter Rollerland roller skating rink that's new to the Bazaar. She likes the idea of kids keeping busy on wheels while a certain parent can shop for some stocking stuffers.  I myself am going for the hot cocoa and the Gram's cookies. See you there!

Here's the Roller Rink being built. (photo courtesy of Steven Michael Millington)
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