Monday, December 13, 2010

More than a market, more than a place

Sweater weather: MORF makes hats, scarfs and more with recycled sweaters
Gram meets Mama Q. We all say hello to Gram's Cookies!
You can find all kinds of goodies at the Midtown Bazaar, and a good time.
Speaking of...Steven Michael Millington spreads good cheer with a raffle ticket.
Kris of Haiku Moving Company sets up shop at the Bazaar.
Local color created by local artist.
Hand-made original papers dolls
A couple of real life dolls
Mama Q having a good time at the Bazaar.
Nora's Time & Again Fashion has a full rack of tempting fun and furs.
The lovely Nora of Transient Treasures and Time & Again Fashions
These my friends, are RK Originals.
This beauty is called "Snow in New York"
Steven and Bruce Lee spread some season cheer in front of Winter Rollerland.
Friends, this coming Saturday is the LAST Saturday of the Bazaar before Christmas. The next Midtown Bazaar takes place in 2011, January 8th. So come on down for one last wonderful day of market and place. The Midtown Bazaar is soooo much more than a marketplace, it is a community. Folks like Steven and Nora and Sabrina and Marilyn and Sharon & North and Richie are quick to make you feel welcome. A variety of folks are selling a myriad of goodies, so you are bound to find the perfect gift for the people on your shopping list. There's hot pizza, hot cocoa, an espresso cart, cookies AND the best cashew and peanut brittle on the planet, courtesy of Steve from Sacramento Sweets.


  1. Wonderful place...Full of warm hearty people and lovely clothes. I want to be there, too, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. I love the Bazaar so much! Sacramento, I KNOW you would love it too. LOTS of warm hearts, like you who support hand-made and local. I wish you were local, lol.

    This Saturday being the last one before Xmas, is one I can't miss. Meanwhile I'm dreaming of the gingerbread cookies by Gram, and the hot cocoa by Steve...

  3. Love this article... it really does say a lot about the Bazaar and what we want peopel to know about us... I will miss my friends for the 2 weeks we are down but will be back in full force in Jan. with all my buddies gearign up for whatever Sabrina lets us conjure up...
    HUGE hugs e1 and Thank you so much from myself Robert and Marilyn @ New Old Jewelry ... You have made vending a joy and pleasure...

  4. such a great place!!
    wanna visit it:)

    visit my site, you can follow me if you like it. just tell me if you want me to follow you back :)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  5. I'm going to miss the whole *family* when I take time off. I'm sure I'll be by to visit though!!!!!

  6. Great article....this is what I wish could get out to all the Sacramento Bee readers. Thanks so much for the mention....Richard of RKOriginals

  7. Rhonda, I am gonna miss YOU! Enjoy your time off!xo.
    Richie: YOU rock!


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