Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Family Bazaar

Bella Q: Sacramento blogger, Midtown Bazaar shopper.
Hello. My name is Bella Q. I'm a Sacramento blogger.
When I'm not busy writing for the Midtown Bazaar, or scouting the streets of Sacramento for Street Style SACRAMENTO, I'm probably blogging my earnest heart out over at my personal blog called The Citizen Rosebud. And when I'm not doing those things, if it's on a Saturday, I am probably shopping/talking/snacking my way through the Midtown Bazaar. Yesterday I posted a big rambling blog and included a mention or two about some of the vendors here at the Bazaar; you can read the post by clicking here.

Today I am going to take my mama to the Midtown Bazaar.
Meet Mama Q. Cutest, sweetest, bestest Mama in the world. She likes to shop. (Guess where I got that gene from?) And she wants to start on her Christmas shopping by checking out the Bazaar. 

Mama Q shows her support by sporting her "I heart Citizen Rosebud" T-shirt.
So off to shop we go: 
I am definitely taking her by to New/Old Jewelry, the button jewelry is my favorite!
There's a couple of new vendors that she may have met before: the Laskey sisters. Two great labels, one great family. Kathy & Kris are twin sisters who have been crafting since childhood. They are selling at the Bazaar today under the labels Haiku Moving Company & BUTT UGLY. Very different stuff, but both make amazing things. 
Haiku Moving Company
Mama Q also wants to check out the new Winter Rollerland roller skating rink that's new to the Bazaar. She likes the idea of kids keeping busy on wheels while a certain parent can shop for some stocking stuffers.  I myself am going for the hot cocoa and the Gram's cookies. See you there!

Here's the Roller Rink being built. (photo courtesy of Steven Michael Millington)


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love you mama!!!!!!!! and you BAZAR ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ( suspiro- sigh)

  2. Mama Q is adorable! Enjoyed the post too.

  3. Thank you Sacramento, and Teri. We just got back from our little Mid-Baz visit. Mama Q had a blast. While she didn't make it ON the rink, she really loved watching the skaters. We had a lot of fun!

  4. Buttugly and Haikumoving co and a freaking skating rink! Damn it, why only saturdays!

  5. next week is your chance, Fashion Farm! the Bazaar will be open to 8 pm!


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