Sunday, March 27, 2011

Look for the Yellow Banner

Step into the Yellow
Folks, spring is on it's way, and with it comes an explosion of color! One color to keep your eye out for is yellow, the color of our banner at the Midtown Bazaar. When you see yellow, remember to stop by anytime between noon-5 pm on Saturdays. Hope to see you there! 

(Daffodil ohoto credit: A Lovely Garden )

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bazaar CLOSED this Saturday, March 26th

The Midtown Bazzar will be CLOSED THIS SATURDAY due to the EXTREME rain/wind and flood advisories. We apologize for any inconvenience and will re-open Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

time, and Time & Again

What Comes Around Goes Around: The Timeless Style of Time & Again Fashions
 Calling all vintage fashion lovers! I spied a sweet selection of vintage clothing over in the front corner of the Midtown Bazaar. Here's a taste:

The quality clothing is  always clean and in excellent condition and the prices are choice. So when you swing by the Bazaar this Saturday, be sure to take some time to check out Time & Again Fashions.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bar in A Jar

Midtown Bazaar welcomes Bar In a Jar
Meet the head "Jar-tender" Jason Poole

Last Saturday, the Midtown Bazaar welcomed this handsome bloke to its community. Meet Jason Poole- head "jar-tender." His story starts out like so many others, a bartender turned preserves aficionado. Wait- that is like NO other story I've ever heard! Bar In a Jar is made with fresh local produce and an experimental spirit, as well as libational spirits. There's a variety a tantalizing jellies, jams, marmalades and preserves. And you get the feeling when Jason serves you up a sample, they'll be lots of new fun flavors coming soon. 

There's a website and they're taking orders now!
AND you can "LIKE" them on Facebook by clicking here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vendor of the Week: Going Gourds and More

Get Going: Going Gourds and More shares an artist passion for gourds.

A life-long student of the arts, Jessica Di Giacomo has studied and worked in a variety of art mediums, but it was on an unassuming afternoon at a garden club meeting that Jessica found her artistic mode of expression- gourds. "I was hooked," says Di Giacomo, "the lecturer brought in gourds from her garden, and as a project, we were to draw or paint on them."

A prime example of her work: An original design woodburned onto the gourd with an aqua wash.
Her interest in gourds has turned into her passion. "Gourds have been used as a functional object for thousands of years," Di Giacomo declares. "Gourds are found in almost all cultures. They've been made into grain containers, ladles, musical instruments, canteens and so much more." The artist's main interest is an traditional form of gourd art design called Pyrography- where a design is produced using heat and burned onto the gourd. Jessica updates this ancient practice by employing a modern wood burning tool to create her designs.

The passion that goes into Going Gourds and More has become a gourd obsession. The artist now belongs to several gourd groups- including a local Gourd Patch group, as well as state and national chapters of the Gourd Society.  Di Giacomo puts this passion to work in her business, selling her gourds online at Etsy. You can also find her in person at our very own Midtown Bazaar.

Would you like to see more examples gourd art?  Check out her Etsy shop: Going Gourds and More.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

MY Bazaar

More than a Marketplace, the Midtown Bazaar is a community.

Sometimes writing for this blog feels a little one-sided. Dare I say it? Lop-sided. Writing week after week telling why you should come down to the Midtown Bazaar feels like I'm pushing something on you, and that's not the case. I want to SHARE something with you.

I want to share the vendors with you, and the feeling of community you get when you visit. I want to share MY experiences with you, and the potential of this marketplace for people looking beyond the mass-produced experience of a regular mall. I want to introduce you to all the wonderful vendors who sell here- the small business owners, the ma & pop start-ups, so you get a glimpse of who they are, which is part of why they sell. 

But I feel like something is missing. The other side of things. The experiences of the shoppers, the families and individuals who shop here, who support the Bazaar and the vendors whether it be first time visitors or regular customers. I want to hear from somebody who loved the Roller Rink last December, from the faithful who braved the cold in January, and from all of you who are not-so-patiently waiting for return to the outdoor market as soon as the warm weather returns.

I want to hear from you: the Midtown Bazaar shopper! 

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

It's people like you who keep discovering the Bazaar, and what a special place it is. Recently, blogger Gina Rose spent a Saturday morning here, and absolutely loved it! She called it "a Farmer's Market with Accessories," and you can read about her shopping experience over at her blog by clicking here.

So, let's share! Why don't you send me a photo of your Midtown Bazaar visit, or a picture of your favorite buy. While your at it, why don't you send me a line or two about how you like it, or why you like it? I'd love to post your letters and pictures, and share them with others, here on the blog. Because we are more than a marketplace. We're a community. 

Share with me YOUR Midtown Bazaar !

Email me with "My Bazaar" in the subject heading, to

Friday, March 4, 2011


Sacramento Beer Week has arrived! What are you doing to celebrate our River City's favorite brew? 

How about this super-sized beer holder to hold your favorite suds? 
Midtown Bazaar favorite Whatever Wacky U Wear has made some great containers that make pony kegs nervous.
Come down to the Midtown Bazaar this Saturday and check 'em out!

For more information on Sacramento Beer Week and it's events click here.
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