Saturday, March 5, 2011

MY Bazaar

More than a Marketplace, the Midtown Bazaar is a community.

Sometimes writing for this blog feels a little one-sided. Dare I say it? Lop-sided. Writing week after week telling why you should come down to the Midtown Bazaar feels like I'm pushing something on you, and that's not the case. I want to SHARE something with you.

I want to share the vendors with you, and the feeling of community you get when you visit. I want to share MY experiences with you, and the potential of this marketplace for people looking beyond the mass-produced experience of a regular mall. I want to introduce you to all the wonderful vendors who sell here- the small business owners, the ma & pop start-ups, so you get a glimpse of who they are, which is part of why they sell. 

But I feel like something is missing. The other side of things. The experiences of the shoppers, the families and individuals who shop here, who support the Bazaar and the vendors whether it be first time visitors or regular customers. I want to hear from somebody who loved the Roller Rink last December, from the faithful who braved the cold in January, and from all of you who are not-so-patiently waiting for return to the outdoor market as soon as the warm weather returns.

I want to hear from you: the Midtown Bazaar shopper! 

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

It's people like you who keep discovering the Bazaar, and what a special place it is. Recently, blogger Gina Rose spent a Saturday morning here, and absolutely loved it! She called it "a Farmer's Market with Accessories," and you can read about her shopping experience over at her blog by clicking here.

So, let's share! Why don't you send me a photo of your Midtown Bazaar visit, or a picture of your favorite buy. While your at it, why don't you send me a line or two about how you like it, or why you like it? I'd love to post your letters and pictures, and share them with others, here on the blog. Because we are more than a marketplace. We're a community. 

Share with me YOUR Midtown Bazaar !

Email me with "My Bazaar" in the subject heading, to


  1. The urban market is one of my favourite things! I should get my act together and take a few pics...

  2. I'd love to see a slice of Canada's marketplaces, K. Line.

  3. I LOVE the atmosphere of this place, the friendly vendors. They all welcome you with information on their wares and advice of where to shop for similar items. They are like family to each other instead of separate entities. Their items are wonderful. From New Old Jewelry, wonderful, beautiful jewelry out of antique beautiful buttons that are works of art from Victorian days, to vintage clothes, purses of other vendors, all kinds of items there. Amazing stuff to look at. I highly recommend this experience.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! It was my pleasure. :)


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