Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vendor of the Week: Nora Matthes-Kniveton of Transient*Treasures

You'll LOVE Transient*Treasures
Nora Matthes-Kniveton seems to be everyone's favorite vendor at the Midtown Bazaar. 
I know she is one of mine. Bright, warm, friendly, Nora is easy to remember: she makes cool stuff out of vintage and salvaged goods. Her hand-mades are fun and affordable, and she always sells them with a smile. She calls them her "transient treasures."

Nora is the owner of transient*treasures, a wonderful upcycled line of collectibles that make new things out of old objects. Her selection is varied and run the gamut from fun over-sized barrettes, to nostaligic pendants, pins and rings re-made from various antique bobs & bits, and charming wind-chimes giving a fresh life to antique silverware and teapots.

In Nora's own words: "transient*treasures was born of my LOVE of everything vintage, and my desire to creatively use things that seem to have "out-lived their usefulness" and were destined for landfills. I LOVE the challenge of taking discarded relics, and creating something new and unique. Every item I make is one-of-a-kind, and incorporates vintage, salvaged or found components."

 "Lately, she confesses, "I've been obsessed with antique skeleton keys. I love their rich history, possible secrets and think they are just plain beautiful. Old keys can be seen in my jewelry, wind-chimes, or even for sale alone, ready for your next project."

Another obsession for Nora is vintage clothing, and this woman has one of the finest and affordable collections of vintage in Sacramento county. Ironically, it's the big city fashionistas from San Francisco that appreciate her eye for vintage.  Her vintage line, Time and Again Fashions are quickly snatched up whenever she sells at a market in the Bay Area. She states: "Since I buy it, love it, and WEAR it, it's only natural that I should share it! I bring loads of vintage goodies from my Time And Again Fashions line to the Bazaar.  I offer everything from 1940s classic dresses to wild 1980s belts—and everything in-between."

Nora selling her transient*treasures at the Midtown Bazaar
Bella trying on a Time and Again Fashion's killer cat coat. Meow!
 Nora and her amazing collections can be found almost every Saturday at the Midtown Bazaar. She enjoys selling there, considering most of the vendors and many of the customers her friends. She loves the warm and welcoming environment the Bazaar provides for local artisans AND the shoppers. Says Nora, "I am honored to be part of it."

This Saturday be sure to stop by her booth and say hello to Nora; she may not be transient, but she is most certainly a treasure.

You can find Nora-

  • Every Saturday at the Midtown Bazaar
  • on Etsy:


  1. Such a lovely feature!

    Wonderful shop with so many amazing one-of-a-kind creations! Definitely cool stuff! Love it! ❤


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